Every Day by David Levithan

When I first picked up this book, I expected a typical dystopian novel with a meaningless and boring plot that would remind me of countless other books that I have read. What I didn’t expect was to have my mind completely blown and to be awed to the point of silence. This book is AMAZING! It is written with beautiful quality and truthful words that will leave you reconsidering all your previous thoughts and beliefs. The author manages to create a wonderful and engaging plot while threading in his opinions and ideals about the world, which I feel is the epitome of good writing. The main purpose of an author is to instill some meaningful belief or idea into the minds of the reader. Quite often you can see authors whose main goal is to engage and entertain the reader, which is a great thought. However, a book is completely useless and not worth reading if the readers won’t take anything away from it. This book, however, was filled with so many subliminal morals that I was amazed that the author managed to add them seamlessly into his story. Everyone should try reading this book, regardless of whether or not your beliefs match that of the author, because this is one of the most masterful pieces of writing I have seen in the YA novel genre.

The romance, arguably the most important part of this story, was beautiful and filled with just the right amount of emotion. In most teen novels, the female lead describes the male of interest as some sort of god-like human being who sounds too good to be true. However, in this story, Rhiannon, the girl that A is in love with, learns to deal and adapt to whatever body he presents himself in, portraying to teenage viewers that what’s on the outside doesn’t nearly matter as much as what’s on the inside. Their love wasn’t perfect, but they put effort and constantly tried to make things work, which made their romance on of the most realistic ones in a YA novel that I have ever read.

The book is filled with words of wisdom and covers every topic that teens today struggle with. I believe that all teens need to read this, because the author seems to have unlocked the teenage mind. As you read it, you will be reminded of yourself in more ways than one and will be able to see the world in a whole other perspective that will help you feel like you are not alone in all the hardships that you face. It will also help you reinvent your old beliefs and remind you to keep your mind open. It will teach all readers that everyone is essentially the same, regardless of religion, ethnicity, interests, or any other category that the human race has tried to place itself into. I believe that this is the most important theme needed to be taken away from the novel, which is why I loved it so much and highly encourage everyone to read it.

When I started reading and understood that the story was centered around a soul that inhabited a different body each day, I thought that the story would be overcrowded and filled to the brim with unnecessary details of unnecessary characters. One of my main goals when reading is to get to know the main characters fully and completely, and I am therefore usually left unsatisfied at the end of a book. However, the author masterfully decided to keep the details on each of the characters to a minimum and instead used every new person he created to only amplify the personality of A, the main character. By learning about all the random people that A inhabited, I felt like I had learned more about him than I would have had he been just a regular person, which allowed me to thoroughly enjoy the story and have a sense of context for each of the events that happened.

I can honestly say that this novel was one of the best books I have read and it will earn a permanent place on my bookshelf. It had a very enticing plot with interesting characters with their own flaws and problems, which made them seem even more life-like. It beautifully shed a different light on many issues facing the world today, which made me see that in order to view society in all its beauty and imperfection, you must have a different view. If you want your mind blown and purged from all prejudice and your heart yearning for more, you need to check this book out.



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