5 Dystopian Survival Novels You Need to Read

Even though 12/21/12 has long past, people today are still filled with paranoia and have many theories about the world ending. Many of us brush them off and criticize them for being blatantly false, but what if they’re true? If the world truly was ending, many of us would be completely unprepared and probably be one of the first to perish. Do you think you would last very long in an apocalypse? If the answer is no, fear not, my friend, for I am here to help. To prepare you for the seemingly impossible, I have gathered a list of five teen survival stories ( in no particular order) you must read. Gather knowledge and be ready for anything. So, drop whatever you’re doing and dash to the bookstore to pick up these must-reads. Good luck!H2O

1.) H2O

This novel, gripping and riveting, will definitely give you some pointers on what you must do to survive. In it, the world is being covered by deadly rain, and one drop can kill you. Ruby, a teenage girl, is caught in the middle of all this chaos and soon finds herself all alone. Teaming up with a nerd, a mute girl, and a group of dogs, she goes on a quest to find her dad, even though he may already be dead.



2.) The 5th Wave

This book, soon to become a major motion picture, has captured the minds of many. The world has gone through four waves of destruction already due to terrifying creatures that look human but whose only ambition is to kill any survivor in sight. Cassie is a young girl who has survived the four waves, but the fifth is coming. She lives alone until she meets a boy named Evan Walker, who she believes may be her only chance for her and her brother’s survival. Check this novel out to see just how many sacrifices you need to make to stay alive.




3.) Not A Drop to Drink

In this dystopic world where water is scarce and precious, and one girl is determined to keep her precious water supply safe, even if it means murder. But, when clues of strangers being nearby surface, she knows that she needs to protect what she has or die the horrible way of minions. Read this wonderful book about a girl’s determination to survive, and just how far wit and willpower will get you.



4.) Trappedtrapped

When the snow began, no one suspected anything. No one expected it to go on for a week and soon become a struggle between warmth and survival and the cold, unforgiving blizzard outside. Seven kids wait after school for their parents to pick them up, only to find no one is coming. They don’t realize the direness of the situation until the power and warmth goes out in the school and they become trapped inside. They must choose between doing what’s right and doing what will keep them alive. This suspenseful, thrilling novel definitely deserves to be checked out be you.



5.) No Safety In Numbers

Four teens at the wrong place in the wrong time are quarantined along with countless others in a mall when a biological clock is found in the air ducts. People start dying, all social regulations disappear, and there’s no way out. The teens begin to change in ways previously unimaginable to the point where they become almost unrecognizable to the people they were when they walked in. This book is a perfect example of just how much a person can adapt to survive, and how willing people are to do anything just to live.


As you can see from all these amazing novels, when it comes to the matter of survival, people are willing to do anything. Trust no one and stay ahead of the game. But, most of all, stay alive. I hope you read these books to get a taste of good writing and to keep yourself content and cozy amidst the wrath of winter, because I assure you that you won’t be dissappointed.



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