Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell (Valentine’s Day Review)

eleanor and park

I knew that this book would be amazing, since I have read other works of this author (like Fangirl), and it lived up to every single one of my expectations. In the beginning, I’ll admit that I had to force myself to keep reading and to not get caught up in insignificant details, a problem I have with books that aren’t my style. However, after some time, I found myself reading seamlessly and the novel flowing by. It was beautiful and real and the complete opposite of cliche, which relieved me. In the teen romance section of bookstores today, the stories are almost always the same: A boy and girl fall in love only to find out that one of them dies OR A girl is “special” in some kind of way and manages to find true love while dealing with all the problems that come with her “specialness”. However, this story was perfect, because all it was was a teenage boy and girl that fell in love. Of course, each of them had problems of their own, but, then again, what average teen doesn’t? This book was beautiful and memorable, and it reminds us all that love can be found in the most unexpected places.

I was elated when I found out that Eleanor was not the typical girl main character that you would find in a YA novel. She didn’t have a perfect body, and although that did cause some problems for her, it never got in the way of her love. Teenage girls today get a lot of bad role models and ideas from how the media portrays women. The truth is that you almost never spot someone who is that gorgeous, which sets up an unrealistic expectation in their minds of how they are supposed to look like. This novel shows that love is possible regardless of how much you look like a model, which allows teenage girls today to realize that even if their body isn’t considered ideal, it’s still beautiful and someone will still love them for it.

Rainbow Rowell managed to make this first love seem authentic and real. Almost every moment they had together was awkward, but it seemed like they enjoyed that. Half the time they didn’t know what they were doing and were simply trying to make the best of what they had. It was adorable and witty, and I loved every second of it. When you are new to the concept of love, things are bound to get a bit weird, and I’m glad that Rowell left that weirdness in, because I wouldn’t have enjoyed it half as much if it wasn’t there. It reminded me that, most of the time, true love doesn’t seem like two perfectly-fitting puzzle pieces, but more like two puzzle pieces constantly changing to fit each other. Rowell managed to not give any unrealistic expectations on love while creating the perfect love story, which is one of the reasons why she is one of my favorite romance authors.

While I was reading the ending, I was really worried that this novel would have a predictable ending, and I was surprised to find out that it didn’t. I hear a lot of people talking about how they hated the ending to this book, but I don’t see why. If the author managed to make you feel emotions, then he/she is a good writer. This ending made me cry, laugh, sit alone in agony, and ‘aww’ out loud, all in just a couple of chapters. If that doesn’t portray masterful writing, then I don’t know what does.

Overall, this novel was amazing and is earning a permanent place on my bookshelf. It constantly amazes me how Rainbow Rowell manages to convey emotions so clearly through words. I can relate to almost everything she writes, and I don’t know how she does it. Her style of writing perfectly portrays how thoughts pop into people’s heads, which is probably why each of her characters are so realistic. She is a beautiful author with an amazing voice that resonates in every single one of her books, which is why I loved this one so much. I definitely recommend this book, because I have never found a book that speaks to me as much as this one does. Stop whatever you’re doing right now and go buy this book, and I guarantee that you won’t be sorry.

My rating:

5 stars


4 thoughts on “Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell (Valentine’s Day Review)

  1. somethingaboutlynlyn says:

    I’m glad that you enjoyed Eleanor and Park. This book has a special place on my bookshelf and it speaks to me too. Rainbow Rowell is an amazing writer.


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