The Dreaded Book Tag


I am participating in this new tag I made, and I have tagged a few other blogs to do this. Read on to see if you have been one of the lovely bloggers who were tagged!

This tag is called “The Dreaded Book Tag”, and I have been thinking about creating it for a long time. In order to participate in this tag, you must read at least three books that you have decided never to read, no matter for what reason. This is meant to open your eyes and to remind yourself to not judge a book by its cover and see things yourself before formulating an opinion. Here are the novels I have decided to read:

  1. Twilight (ugh!)
  2. Linger (sequel to Shiver)
  3. Vampire Academy
  4. Evermore

I have sworn off these books, but who knows? Maybe I’ll end up really liking vampires… Anyways, I hope you get the idea. You can participate in this even if you weren’t tagged by me. Just please comment below with your blog name so I can include you on the tag. Once you are done with one of your books, please provide a link to a review or a post in the comments below so I can check it out! So, without further ado, here are the lovely bloggers who I have tagged:

  1. Commas and Ampersands
  2. Swxftbooks
  3. Book Enthral
  4. I Was Angelized_1st
  5. If We Shadows Have Offended
  6. Just something about lynlyn
  7. Romance Novels for the Beach
  8. The Happy Typewriter
  9. Time Traveling Writer’s Blog
  10. Passionate Book Lover
  11. Book Olympus
  12. Tranquil Dreams
  13. Nerdy Book Club
  14. Girl in the Pages
  15. Sara C. Roethle

I am sorry if I have excluded anyone! If you want to do it but haven’t been listed, remember to comment your blog name down below and I will add you to the list. Let us join together to fight prejudice against books and break down barriers! I hope this will open your eyes to books that you may actually take a liking to. Thank you!


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