Best Looking Male Animated Characters

Everyone has a celebrity crush. It’s almost impossible not to have some feelings over an actor, especially if they’re good-looking. But, all actors have some kind of flaw, which is kind of off-putting. So, to ease your mind, I suggest you start crushing on a whole other species of men that will have you swooning in no time: male cartoon characters! Admit it, you all have had crushes on fictional characters and have willed yourself to think they are real. Well, with animated characters, it’s almost as if they are real! Plus, they have literally no aesthetic flaws, thanks to the beauty of advanced technology. Behold, some of my favorites who I could not help but fall in love with as soon as I saw them on my TV screen.

1.) Jack Frost: The Rise of the Guardians

jack frost

You have to admit that EVERY kid that watched The Rise of the Guardians had a MAJOR crush on Jack Frost. He’s an extremely good-looking cartoon, not to mention his compassionate and flawless personality. In short, he is the kind of guy that every girl dreams of.

I mean, look at him:

jack frost   more jack frost

He even looks good with brown hair!!!

jack frost brown

2.) Flynn Rider: Tangled

flynn rider

He is arguably the best looking Disney prince of all time. He’s a bad boy with a soft side, which makes him every girl’s fantasy prince in shining armor. With a flawless face like that, what kind of Rapunzel wouldn’t let here hair down?

flynn rider yass

3.) Kovu: The Lion King 2


I didn’t think it was possible to find a lion good-looking, but Kovu sure proved me wrong. He generated an even bigger buzz than Simba, and we all know just how in love we were with Simba as children. His face was very photogenic for an animal, and his intense love for Kiara was way more than what we could even wish for in our lacking lives. Plus, he looks absolutely gorgeous when talking:

kovu talking  kovu wat

4.)Tadashi Hamada: Big Hero 6


Although he is a more recent addition to the cartoon world, you have to admit that your heart leapt a little when you saw his face on the big screen. Add in his nice-guy personality and kind charm and Tadashi is the PERFECT guy, even a little too-good-to-be-true, but a girl can dream, right? Here’s more of him so you can enjoy his perfection for just a little bit longer:

tadahsi gif    tadashi gif

5.) Mako: The Legend of Korra


I didn’t expect the Legend of Korra to have such attractive characters, since the only person I found somewhat good-looking in Avatar was Zuko. Well, I guess I stand corrected. But, for once, I’m happy that I’m wrong.

mako yes

Well, there you go. I hope this brightened your day and you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed making it. Thank you and keep dreaming!


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