The American Sniper: A Review

Last weekend, I went to the theaters to watch The American Sniper, because I had heard so much buzz about it. I was planning to post something sooner, but you know who school life is. So, I decided that since I watched such an amazing movie, I might as well review it. Enjoy!

First of all, the acting was AMAZING. Bradley Cooper is one of my favorite actors, not only because he’s so attractive but also because he is a natural actor. When I see him on the screen, he isn’t Bradley to me anymore. He’s Pat Solitano, a mentally compromised guy with anger management issues, or Richie DiMaso, a wild FBI agent, or Phil, a hungover man trying to find his engaged friend. This movie was no different. Not only did he look the part of Chris Kyle, he delivered the lines and portrayed the emotions perfectly. In short, he KILLED it. Sienna Miller was tremendous, as well. She actually seemed to know how it was like to be married to an army guy, or how else could she make it so believable. She made me cry and laugh and smile. Their brilliant acting made this movie a must-see in my eyes.

bradley cooper american sniper    sienna miller

The camera and sound quality were perfect. It felt like I was actually at a battleground, and there’s nothing more interesting while watching a movie than feeling like you’re part of it all. I guess the Best Sound Effects Oscar Award went to the right movie.

One thing I am not okay with is the public’s opinion about this movie. I am honestly so fed up with all the mindless critics of this movie stating that they won’t watch it because it “glorifies a killer”. If that’s the case, then why don’t you boycott all army movies? Why don’t you boycott every movie about a serial killer as well? Those people have murdered so many for no reason at all. Why don’t you stop watching them? This movie is not about a killer. It is about a brave, persevering, courageous man who decided to risk his life to protect and serve our country. This is about a man who hated killing, but hated witnessing the bloodshed of his fellow citizens more. This movie doesn’t glorify a murderer;it glorifies a hero.

I can’t find a single thing I hated about it, so it only seems fair to give it five stars:

5 stars


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