Ten Instances When Jennifer Lawrence GIFs Perfectly Portray Your Reactions To Life

I know that that’s a weird title. But, Jennifer Lawrence is a very dynamic and expressive person. Although I can’t make the amazing expressions that she manages to pull off, I do certainly relate to her, and I think you will, too. Need more convincing? Here are some GIFs of the beautiful actress to confirm that Jennifer Lawrence’s actions almost entirely accurately depict your reaction to every situation that you come across in life. Enjoy!

  1. When you’re trying to be funny but have been cursed with a tough crowd:

Jennfier Lawrence laugh at me

2.) When you pass by your crush and try to strike up a conversation:

jennifer lawrence

3.) When you’re snapchatting your friends and are trying to figure out the double chin:

jennifer lawrence double chin

4.) When you’re reading a book or watching a TV series and something bad happens to your favorite character:

jennifer lawrence afraid

5.) When you try to embarrass friends in public:

jennifer lawrence rash

6.) When someone insults your fictional boyfriend/girlfriend:

jennifer lawrence excuse me

7.) When you’re being verbally attacked by your parents and they won’t let you talk:

jennifer lawrence discomfort

8.) Whenever your crush seems to like another girl and you’re pretending to not care:

jennifer lawrence whatever

9.) When the person you hate screws up and tries to justify it:

jennifer lawrence pshh

10.) When you’re forced to stay at a party with almost no one you know and are desperate:

jennifer lawrence food

There are a LOT more incredible GIFs of her online that you should definitely check out, because I couldn’t stop laughing while picking these out! I you enjoyed this, please click on the like button and I might make a part two!

Well, I hope you liked this post! There will be more content related to books, I promise. I have just lately been reading a classic novel (I won’t tell you which one), and it’s taking me quite sometime. As soon as I’m done, I will definitely post an opinion about it. I hope this is enough to keep you entertained for now. Thank you!


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