Everything I Hated About Twilight: A Rant

As you can notice from my previous rant, I don’t understand the hatred and prejudice people show Twilight, since the novel wasn’t horrible. However, the novel wasn’t great,and I do have my fair share of complaints on it. So, I thought Who better to share it with than all of you guys? So, without further ado, here is everything I hated about Twilight. (By the way, I have decided to be very vocal about my thoughts. If any of these harsh words offend you, I am sorry.)

1.) Bella’s Character Leaves a LOT to be Desired:

bella's stupid

Bella is one of the stupidest female lead characters I can think of. When an author creates a female character, she has to know that there is a possibility that many people will read the novel and many young girls may look up to whomever they created. That in mind, they must also create a model personality for said character to inspire girls. For example, take Tris in Divergent. Tris is brave, logical, caring, ambitious, and doesn’t need anyone to take character. I don’t know about you, but I feel like it would be a very good thing if more people were like her. Bella, in contrast, is clumsy, constantly embarrased, somewhat rude, harsh, and constantly in need of Edward to keep her from dying or worse. How are we supposed to teach teens to be strong independent people when Bella here, a main character that almost every girl has heard about, can’t even stand on two feet without Edward helping. There are many other aspects of her personality that I find horrendous, but that would proabably end up being ten pages long if I tried to describe it to you. To any authors out there, PLEASE provide a character who is much more capable and has a LOT more substance than this absurdly terrible one.

2.) Their Romance Is Confusing:

edward's creepy

I didn’t really understand when the whole romantic side of their relationship started. I understood the whole “I’m avoiding you because your blood smells good” part, but then my level of understanding just dropped. Bella almost got raped (because she literally can not survive without help), and the next thing you know, she and Cullen are having an impromptu date. I don’t really think that their relationship progressed normally. If I had to describe it, their relationship began in a loathing phase, then transitioned to an awkward stage, then just jumped into the actual love part of it. If Stephanie Meyers could define their relationship in clearer terms and develop it more smoothly throughout the novel, I would have enjoyed the plot a lot more.

3.) Why Did Edward Fall in Love With Bella?

bella edward

Bella constantly asks herself this question, as do almost every other female character in a love story. Usually, I respond very sympathetically to them, understanding that they have a low self-esteem like most of us do and are probably great. However, in Bella’s case, I’m left asking the same question. Edward is this perfect godly vampire who has no conceivable flaws, and he falls in love with Isabella Swan, arguably the most flawed book character ever created, and I don’t really understand why. First of all, she’s a human, which puts a large gap in appearances and talents between them. Second, she’s not even a good human. She’s a klutz who has blushing issues. I don’t mean to be rude, but if I was a handsome male vampire, I wouldn’t think that she was very attractive. Maybe he felt bad that natural selection was going to kill her off for her lack of skills and took pity on her? We’ll never know.

4.) How Did She Manage to Do Well in School?

school bella edward

I love novels that take place in high school or college, because I find them a lot more relatable. However, what I HATE is when the novel takes place in a school, but there are almost no aspects of school life in the book. Bella is a junior in high school in this novel, but I don’t see any aspect of that. She has all this spare time to go running around with Edward and hide herself from dangerous vampires. Being a junior in high school is tough and a lot of work, and I wish they incorporated that stress and work factor into the book to make it more realistic. She also misses a whole week of school (not counting the amount of time spent in the hospital), and she doesn’t come back with a pile of homework and tests? I would KILL to have that easy a life and still get into Dartmouth (which she surprisingly does in Eclipse, the third book).

There are many more things I could rant about, but that would end up making this a LOOONG post. Overall the novel was enjoyable in that teenage-girl kind of sense, but not based on the plot and the actual contents of the novel. As a whole, I didn’t hate it, which is more than I can say of other romance novels. However, these certain aspects irked me to no end, and I needed to relieve my need to vent. I’m glad I did, because this post was very enjoyable and fun to make. I suggest you read this book yourself to develop your own opinion, since everyone has their own thoughts. Thank you for viewing this!


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