My Top 10 Fictional OTPs

(Keep in mind that OTP’s don’t have to be real couples)

1.) Bella and Edward: The Twilight Saga

bella edward yea bellla edward

Of course, since I am reading Twilight due to the Dreaded Book Tag, this OTP had to be there. I felt sorry for Jacob and all, but I honestly wanted him to leave Bella alone so she could be with Edward forever. Their desperate need for each other, although kind of creepy, is what makes this relationship so romantic and strong.

2.)Hazel and Gus: The Fault in Our Stars

hazel gus

Well, duh. This was a given. Hazel and Gus’s love story, although tragic, was one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen. I was sobbing throughout the entirety of the novel, and not because it was so sad (although that was part of it). I was crying because I knew that I would never have a romance like that and no one would ever love me like that. Reality sucks.

3.)Hermione and Harry: The Harry Potter Series

harry hermoine

This one’s kind of odd. Although I love the beautiful couple Ron and Hermione make now, I can’t help but wish that she was with Harry instead. They made a great team, and you can’t ignore all the subconsciously romantic scenes in the books. I was kind of disappointed when I realized that Harry and Ginny would be a thing. Plus, guys, the ship name sounds really cool.

4.) Clary and Jace: The Mortal Instruments Series

clary and jace   clary and jace more

Who doesn’t ship this? Clary and Jace were perfect together, despite the many flaws in their relationship. I have never ever thought of the idea of Simon and Clary, because Jace was too amazing to ignore. I can’t help but fangirl every time a romantic scene happens in the book, because they’re meant to be a couple. If anyone tries to tell me otherwise, they’ll just have to talk to the hand.

5.)Leah and Jacob: The Twilight Saga

leah and jacob

I know that they’re not together, but they honestly should be. I hated Leah in the first couple of books, but I realized just how much I liked her in Breaking Dawn. It’s obvious that she and Edward care for each other, and they’re both dealing with rejection. I mean, she even walked into a house full of vampires she hates AS A HUMAN (she would never do that) to yell at Bella for how badly she was treating Jacob. Can you get more romantic than that? Well, it doesn’t matter anyways, because Jacob has to be weird and end up falling in love with a baby (p.s. Sorry for the wolf fan art. Apparently there isn’t a lot of Jacob and Leah fan art).

6.) Percy and Annabeth: The Percy Jackson Series

percabeth  percabeth more percabeth yay

They’re relationship is the most adorable one I have ever seen. Although they have their faults, they end up coming together as a great duo. However, I do have a hard time with shipping these two, because I can’t help but have a HUGE crush on Percy. Regardless, we’ll never be together (*tear), so this will just have to do.

7.) Meggie and Farid: The Inkheart Trilogy

I haven’t finished the trilogy, but that doesn’t stop me from shipping them. Romance based on circumstance doesn’t sound cute, but somehow they make it work.

8.)Cassia and Xander: The Matched Trilogy

cassia reyes

I know everyone loves Cassia and Ky, but I feel bad for Xander. In the first book of the trilogy, I was so mad at Cassia that I had to take a long break from reading. Stop going for the rebel! Xander has always been there for you! In the third book, my anger returned, and I began to yell at the book while reading. WHY CAN’T SHE JUST MAKE THINGS EASY AND GO TO XANDER?! I know, I’m crazy.

9.) Finnick and Johanna: The Hunger Games Trilogy

finnick johanna

I know that this sounds weird, but I couldn’t help it. Finnick and Johanna seem perfect together, and I wanted them to be together so desperately during the books. Johanna was this rebellious, kick-butt kind of girl, and Finnick was this intelligent, subdued kind of guy. They’re like puzzle pieces, guys! They’re MADE for each other!

10.) Leo and Hazel: The Heroes of Olympus

leo and hazel  more leo and hazel

I was never a huge fan of Hazel and Frank to be honest. Hazel and Leo is a much more appealing couple in my eyes, and you can’t help but see how well they balance each other off. Too bad this OTP isn’t real.

Well, there you go. I definitely didn’t cover all of my OTPs, because this would be a LOOONG post if I did. Comment down below if you ship the same couples that I do or if you can think of a cute couple I haven’t mentioned. Thank you!


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