The Frozen Book Tag

I was tagged to do this post by the wonderful If We Shadows Have Offended, which is a blog that I absolutely love! You should definitely check her out if you haven’t already, because her posts are the highlight of my day. Anyways, onto the tag…

1. Elsa- find a book with a main character who didn’t realize how awesome they were till the end of the book.

let it gooo

Bella from Twilight was actually pretty awesome in the end…. ah, that never gets old. In the Walled City by Ryan Graudin, Mei Yee seemed like a very weak character to me. Throughout the novel, she seemed like the damsel in distress that doesn’t to anything to help herself. She seemed really wimpy compared to her tough sister Jin. However, when I finished the novel, I realized that Mei Yee had to go through a lot. She was beaten, raped, manhandled, and tortured, but she still got back up each time. There was a strength in her, but it was the quiet kind. The kind that helps you stay strong, helps you pretend like nothing’s wrong. After some thought, I ended up really liking her.

2. Anna- find a book that makes you feel good about yourself


Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell made me feel a lot better about myself.  I usually feel different and weird when I’m a fangirl, since I’m pouring my emotions out and am usually furious when something bad happens in a bookn while everyone around me looks at me like I’m insane. However, Cath’s quirky personality made me feel not so alone anymore, and I saw that you can be cool and still be sort of a nerd. I want to thank Rainbow Rowell for making a character that is such an amazing role model for people like me!

3. Hans- find a book that at first you thought you were in love with, but then you realized you hated


When I was reading Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater, I thought it was amazing. I spent an entire day reading it and was so engrossed in it that I forgot to eat my lunch and dinner! I felt a sense of withdrawal when I finished it and somehow forced myself to not go buy the sequel just yet. Well, I’ll have to thank myself for that, since after some reflection, I realized that there wasn’t anything special about the book. In fact, the plot was only strong in the ending, and the majority of the novel had a lot of nothing going on.

4. Kristoff- find a book that was so intense when you were reading or done reading it you just wanted to be alone


I’m going to have to take Runila’s answer, but Allegiant was one of the most intense books I have ever read. I sat in my room with the door locked reading it, and when I finished I was such a mess. I cried until my eyes were swollen and proceeded to sit in my bed with my laptop, watching trailers for the movie Divergent (which hadn’t come out yet) and whispering “it will never be the same”. I usually don’t express my emotions outwardly this much when it comes to a book, but Tris really grew on me.

5. Sven- find a book with a loyal/lovable pet character


I loved June’s dog in the Legend series. It was always there waiting for her during her hardest times, and it loved her more than even Day did. I wish I had an animal as loyal as that, but my pet fish don’t even know I exist!

6. Olaf- find a book you like to read in the winter and the summer


I can the Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo any time! I love that novel, because it provides me a new outlook on my life each time that I read it. I tend to read it every other year, and although the plot is now ingrained in my mind, I gain something new each time I open it. Books like this aren’t confined by seasons.

7. Who do you tag???

I tag:

  • Sripurna
  • Bhramori
  • saracroethle
  • aditiyunal
  • Amy Wallin
  • Angelized 1st
  • swxftbooks
  • Tranquil Dreams

Well, I guess that’s it! I still have two or three book tags to post, along with a review for the wonderful novel The Red Queen, which I will post ASAP. Until then, see you later!


6 thoughts on “The Frozen Book Tag

  1. Erika says:

    Haha the first sentence on the first question made me laugh. I almost believed it. Anyways humor aside, I love that you read The Alchemist every other year. It’s one of my favorite books and I simply love the philosophy in it, though I find that people I have talked to about it sees the book as overrated. Don’t know why though… And I almost forgot about June’s dog! I love dogs and would definitely like to have one that is as loyal like hers is.

    Liked by 1 person

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