Pitch Perfect 2 Review


Bolder. Louder. Braver. This movie, although a sequel, is a far cry from the first Pitch Perfect,  in terms of both the comedy and the music produced in it. Although many believe the first one to be a better film, I personally don’t think that it is fair to compare the two. I enjoyed this movie in a much different way than I enjoyed the first one, and it’s hard for me to find many similarities between the two other than the actors present. However, this movie didn’t live up to my expectations, crossing the line between what I deem enjoyable and what’s simply too much. For that, I didn’t love the movie as much as I believed I would.


One enjoyable aspect of this film was definitely the music, mash-ups, and covers created. The first Pitch Perfect movie had great songs, but they were kind of obnoxious over time. They sang every song with a girly, flirty twist, and it was aggravating to listen to them for long. However, this sequel produced music that couldn’t be described as anything but fierce. The song selection was the perfect combination of edgy and pop, and the feel that the Barden Bellas produced was fun, crazy, and definitely not the girly princess vibes that I got from their previous songs. But, as much as I loved the Bellas, I couldn’t help but love their rivals, Das Sound Machine, even more. Although their German accents sometimes took away from the songs, they had impeccable music mash-up choices, not to mention that their voices are beautiful together. Overall, the music produced from this movie exceeds all the expectations I had for it, making it my favorite part of the film.

However, one of the most blatant wrongs in this film was how it almost exactly copied the plot of the last movie. I understand that it is a sequel, but the term “sequel” does not technically mean “similar storyline”. Usually this error would be easily overlooked, but they copied the first movie so much that it’s almost comical. I mean, the movie begins with an “unreedemable mistake”, followed by hardships on their road to redemption, with occasional skirmishes between the two rivaling groups and a riff-off thrown somewhere in the mix. If I didn’t get the overall feeling of deja-vu when watching this, I feel like I would have enjoyed it a lot more.

i ate my twin in the wonb

Another part of the movie that could have been toned down a bit is the humor. The jokes were a lot… riskier than they were in the first film. And, although I’m all for getting out of your comfort zone and taking risks, they may have taken it too far on this one. The comedy was centered around racism, usually towards Hispanics, and misogyny. I don’t usually take this sort of humor personally, but there is an extent to my tolerance. Although some of the humor was actually hilarious and had me clutching my stomach in laughter, most of the jokes were taken too far, to the point that they weren’t funny anymore. This movie is funny, make no doubt about it, but the humor constantly teeters on the line between offensive and hysterical. Depending on how you view it, you may love or hate this aspect of the film.

Overall, this movie was decent. I won’t say that it was great or amazing, because it truly wasn’t. While the first movie was memorable and left me thinking about it for days afterwords, this film didn’t leave such a lasting impression. If you crave some closer in the Pitch Perfect world, I suggest you watch it. However, it’s not necessary to go to the theater to check it out. You could afford to wait until it’s out on DVD, and you might regret wasting your money if you don’t.

My Rating:

3 of 5 Stars


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