Top Ten Best Fictional Boyfriends

10.) Cal from the Red Queen

I have a love/hate relationship with Cal. However, if I were in the Red Queen world, I know that he would definitely be the first person I would crush on. Putting the fact that he is the future king aside, Cal has a sweet and sensitive side that’s barely touched on by the novel. He cares a lot for Mare, seeing as he got her a job at the palace after only a few minutes of listening to her sob story. He’s also extremely attractive, which is always a plus in my book.

9.) Four from the Divergent Trilogy

Four is amazing, and I’ve never heard of anyone who’s read the Divergent trilogy who didn’t have at least a tiny crush on him. However, he was a bit too hard on Tris, always expecting her to be brave and strong. Although he cared for Tris more than I could ever hope someone would care for me, he had a bit of trouble expressing his emotions. He was a wonderful boyfriend in theory, but his temper and love of arguments is what put him at #9 on the list.

8.) Jace from the Mortal Instruments Series

Jace is a person I would definitely crush on if he was real. Although he’s arrogant and a bit infuriating, his true personality, hidden under all of that haughtiness, is a gem to behold. He’s actually sweet and compassionate, ready to do anything for Clary, which makes him so desirable. Plus, although his huge ego would usually be a turn-off, it does endow him with the gift of flirtation and cheekiness, which I find adorable and attractive.

7.) Leo from the Lost Heroes Series

Leo. Aka, the most amazing, crush-worthy guy in all of Rick Riordan’s works. He’s incredibly talented, sweet, and has a heart-breaking smile. I don’t really feel like I need to explain more.

6.) Augustus from the Fault in Our Stars

Augustus Waters was one of the most beautiful, authentic characters ever created by the pen and mind of the one and only John Green. He’s gorgeous, witty, and impossible clever, which makes it much harder for me to come to terms with the fact that he’s only a fictional character. However, he does have a teenage mid-life crisis that proves to be hard for his girlfriend Hazel, and although he had plenty of reason to freak out, his idealism and ideas of being a hero are a bit frustrating. It’s cute that he wants to achieve more in his life, but it’s a bit irritating to know that his dreams are too big to come true, which is why he clocks in at #6.

5.) Etienne from Anna and the French Kiss

Don’t deny it. I know you like him too. It’s impossible not to. I mean, amazing hair and beautiful eyes, plus a British accent? He can’t express his feelings to her properly, but when you’re that gorgeous, who cares? Plus, his personality’s pretty great, as evidenced by his constant texts and calls to Anna while she was at home just to see if she was alright, although he had even larger problems than she did. Talk about a perfect boyfriend?

4.) Sam from the Shiver Trilogy

Sam Culpepper. Need I say more? He’s amazingly beautiful and undeniably hot. Plus, he cared so much about Grace, to the point where he somehow magically transformed back into a human, which is basically impossible, just to carry her back home and out of harm’s reach. Why can’t people like this be real?

3.) Ron from the Harry Potter Series

Ron is the sweetest character I’ve ever read. Although he has his jealous moments, you can’t deny his kindness and undeniable courage, which only makes him more attractive. He’s beautiful and perfect, and although most people prefer Harry, the boy who lived, Ronald Weasely teaches you to always pay attention to the side-kicks, because they could be more important than you could ever imagine.

2.) Peeta from the Hunger Games Trilogy

I love Peeta. That is true partly because of the fact that he’s the underdog, but partly because he would make the best boyfriend. He’s sensitive and intuitive, meaning that he would be able to understand your feelings perfectly and know how to cheer you up. He’s also really sweet and kind, which are the best traits you could find in partner. Plus, those baking skills would probably come in handy.

1.) Edward from the Twilight Series

Even though it pains me to put Edward as number 1, you have to admit that he is the quintessential perfect boyfriend. He’s completely selfless, extremely understanding, kind, and a badass hero. Not to mention the fact that he’s supposedly the most gorgeous god-like being ever seen by mankind and has the most glorious hair and eyes that can make you melt.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that! I also created a list of my favorite OTPs, which you can see if you click right here. Thank you for reading!


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Best Fictional Boyfriends

  1. wanderinginks says:

    Although I never liked the books, I too find Edward to be the best boyfriend. And it’s so good to know that there’s someone who will not judge me for this rather queer choice in fictional boyfriends! 🙂


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