My ARC Book Haul!

If any of you guys don’t know, ARCs are advanced reader copies of books that are most likely coming out a couple months later. They are free of charge, and you can apply to get them from publishers in exchange for an honest review. There are also some websites which cause the whole ARC request process to run a lot smoother. I personally like said websites more than actually emailing publishers, and they are a lot easier to use for beginners.

So, I wanted ARCs. Really badly. And, in my frenzy to get free books, I accidentally requested too many novels.

Well, here I am. With seventeen novels to read. I’m going to die.

1.) Remember by Shannon Dermott: Already Published (June 2, 2015)



Things hide in the shadows because of what’s revealed in the light…

With her seventeenth birthday drawing near, Charlie Daniels wants to move on from the tragedy that struck her family. Her gorgeous former best friend, Alex, will do anything to be there for her and take their friendship to the next level. Only, lost on private property, in forbidden woods, Charlize meets the mysterious, not to mention angelically hot, Peter. He will make her feel things she never thought possible.

Forced to choose between the two, secrets of her origins can bind them together or tear them apart. Alliances and sacrifices will need to be made in order to guarantee her survival. If she overcomes the obstacles, she may be Queen. Not only of her race, but if the prophecy is to be believed, Queen of all races of supernaturals. Only there are some who will never allow a teenage girl to rule.

This description really intrigued me, and I have also been really into fantasy/supernatural novels, so I decided to request it. I am currently reading it and am enjoying it, so I suggest you check it out!

2.) Fall Line by Tudor Robins: Already Published (June 1, 2015)

fall line


Everything’s forward.

Those are fifteen-year-old Chris Myers’ words for the year.

The next gate, the next race, his spot on the district ski team; they’re all his for the taking.

Except training is such hard work. And then there’s Jenna – the very opposite of hard work – gorgeous, curvy, and into partying. Into Chris.

Instead of moving forward, Chris is sliding back. Slower times, worse results, and his best friend, Tilly, drifting away.

“The thing you want is right in front of you,” Tilly said. Now Chris just has to figure out what that thing is – and how to get it – before it’s too late.

Fast-paced, fun, and intense, Fall Line is a refreshing read from start gate to finish line.

I haven’t read many novels pertaining to sports, mainly because it isn’t in my area of expertise. I was very intrigued by this, since the plot sounds really interesting. Since this novel already came out, I suggest you read it with me and we can both fall in love with it together!

3.) New Suicide Squad Volume 1: Pure Insanity: July 21, 2015

suicide squad


Once a secret to even the highest government officials, the Suicide Squad has emerged from FOREVER EVIL as one of its most popular programs. Its mission: to send incarcerated super villains to carry out impossible missions on foreign soil in exchange for a commuted prison sentence. If they are caught or killed, no government could link these operatives back to the U.S. government. At least, that’s the theory. 

This new series begins with a mission in Russia that features two red-hot Batman villains: Harley Quinn and Joker’s Daughter, plus Deadshot, Deathstroke the Terminator, Black Manta and more. 

The trailer for the upcoming movie Suicide Squad came out very recently, and when I saw this comic I knew I needed to read it! It’s always better to go into a comic book-based movie knowing the characters and the general background, so I thought it would be a good idea to read this!

4.) Deep Dark Fears by Fran Krause: September 29, 2015

deep dark fears

A charmingly creepy collection of 100 illustrated comics based on idiosyncratic and universal “deep dark fears.”

We all have weird fears, from getting sliced to ribbons in subway station revolving gate to getting turned around by the wind while swimming and going too far out to sea. Based on the wildly popular eponymous Tumblr, Deep Dark Fears explores our odd, creepy, and hilariously singular fears. Animator, illustrator, and cartoonist Fran Krause brings these fears to life in vividly illustrated comics based on real fears submitted by readers (plus a few of his own). These “deep dark fears” run the gamut from unlikely but plausible to completely ridiculous, highlighting both our deeply human similarities and our peculiar uniquenesses.

This graphic novel sounds horrifying, but interesting. I have never read a horror graphic novel, so I thought, in case I didn’t like the genre, it’s better to try it out when it’s free. I’m really interested to see if I’m going to enjoy this, and I’m excited to give it a shot!

5.) Are You Still There by Sarah Lynn Scheerger

are you still there


Every year it takes the teachers until winter break
To learn my name. That’s why I call myself 
I am a stranger. To everyone.

no one knows me.
Or notices me. Just wait.

They will notice me soon.

The day the bomb threat put the school on lockdown, Gabi was trapped in the girls’ room. It seems everything she’d been working for–the AP classes, the college applications–was about to go up in smoke.

The police found the bomb in time, but they didn’t find the bomber. Out of two thousand students at Central, the one who’s ready to explode is still at large. 

The bomber could be anyone–one of Gabi’s friends or the guy she rejected or the person leaving ominous notes all over the school. It could even be one of the anonymous callers who calls the school helpline where Gabi volunteers. 

And the more messages Gabi gets, the more she suspects she’s part of Stranger’s plan. Could she be the only one who can stop another attack? Or will she be the first victim of Stranger’s revenge?

Aren’t you guys interested, too? Mystery novels always hold a certain amount of appeal to me, so I thought I would enjoy reading this! I am also currently reading this, and I can’t put it down! I suggest you guys check this book out when it gets released, because I would love to fangirl with you!

6.) Summer Confessions by Lynn Vroman: Already Published (March 10, 2015)

summer confessions


Macy Diaz has managed childhood friend Jeb Porter’s crush for years. However, his infatuation turns to obsession, even putting a kid in the hospital just for hitting on her. In the past, Macy brushed it off, explained his bizarre acts away. But now she harbors a secret. She’s in love…with Jeb’s sister, Rachel.

By some miracle, Rachel loves Macy back, and despite the small minds polluting their sleepy southern town, they’re sticking together. Unfortunately, making sure Jeb never grows suspicious proves harder every day—until everything falls apart.

As a sick, unstable Jeb starts to threaten all Macy values, she is reminded of what has always been perfectly clear. Macy belongs to him, only him, and he won’t let her go. Ever.

If only Macy could’ve loved Jeb, she wouldn’t have to worry about surviving him now.

I have never read an LQBT book before! Well, of course I’ve read books where some of the characters were questioning their sexualities or were in the closet. But I’ve never read an LGBT love story. I wanted to read this in honor of the Supreme Court’s ruling, and I’ll tell you all if I liked it!

7.) These Shallowy Graves by Jennifer Donnelly: October 27, 2015

these shallowy graves


From Jennifer Donnelly, the critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of A Northern Light and Revolution, comes a mystery about dark secrets, dirty truths, and the lengths to which people will go for love and revenge. For fans of Elizabeth George and Libba Bray, These Shallow Gravesis the story of how much a young woman is willing to risk and lose in order to find the truth.
Jo Montfort is beautiful and rich, and soon—like all the girls in her class—she’ll graduate from finishing school and be married off to a wealthy bachelor. Which is the last thing she wants. Jo dreams of becoming a writer—a newspaper reporter like the trailblazing Nellie Bly.
Wild aspirations aside, Jo’s life seems perfect until tragedy strikes: her father is found dead. Charles Montfort shot himself while cleaning his pistol. One of New York City’s wealthiest men, he owned a newspaper and was a partner in a massive shipping firm, and Jo knows he was far too smart to clean a loaded gun. 
The more Jo hears about her father’s death, the more something feels wrong. Suicide is the only logical explanation, and of course people have started talking, but Jo’s father would never have resorted to that. And then she meets Eddie—a young, smart, infuriatingly handsome reporter at her father’s newspaper—and it becomes all too clear how much she stands to lose if she keeps searching for the truth. But now it might be too late to stop. 
The past never stays buried forever. Life is dirtier than Jo Montfort could ever have imagined, and this time the truth is the dirtiest part of all.

This novel sounds amazing! It seems to have all the works of a great novel: the badass, independent female character, the love interest, the suspense, and the inevitable action. I can’t wait to get to read it! Plus, I just adore the cover.

8.) Poorly Drawn Lines by Reza Farazmand: October 6, 2015

poorly drawn lines


Life is weird. Embrace it.

A bear flies through space. A hamster suffers a breakdown. Elsewhere, a garden snake is arrested by animal control and jailed for home invasion, while a child marvels at the wonder of nature as worms emerge from the ground and begin looking for vodka (as they always have). These are common occurrences in the world of Reza Farazmand’s wildly popular webcomic, Poorly Drawn Lines. Traveling from deep space to alternate realities to the bottom of the ocean, this eponymous collection brings together fan favorites with new comics and original essays to share Farazmand’s inimitable take on love, nature, social acceptance, and robots.

If you guys have never checked out Poorly Drawn Lines, CLICK HERE TO SEE IT NOW. I adore this webcomic so much, so I basically had an aneurysm when I saw that my ARC request was accepted! I’m expecting to really enjoy this!

9.) Snoopy, Master of Disguise by Charles Shultz: Already Published (April 28, 2015)



No one has a greater imagination than Snoopy. Join everyone’s favorite beagle as he confounds and confuses the whole Peanuts gang!

Is an explanation for wanting this really needed, guys?

10.) Hannah Smart: Operation Josh Taylor by Melody Fitzpatrick: October 3, 2015

hannah smart


To see teen idol Josh Taylor in concert, Hannah Smart is prepared to face bullies, learn terrible secrets, and discover hidden talents.

When thirteen-year-old Hannah Smart finds out that teen idol Josh Taylor (only the most talented singer in the entire world) is coming to her hometown to kick off his first-ever concert tour, she nearly goes into shock. Even more shocking is the fact that her parents one-hundred-percent refuse to buy her a ticket — if Hannah wants to go, she has to figure out a way on her own.

With the help of her genius best friend, Rachel, Hannah hatches a scheme that will surely get the girls to the concert. But when evil Scarlett Hastings sticks her nasty nose in, messing up their plan, all hope seems lost.

Will Hannah and Rachel ever get to the concert? And will Hannah even want to go when she discovers the horrible secret her parents have been hiding?

I thought that this novel would be an light read, something I haven’t had in a long time. Hey, an avid reader needs her breaks, okay? So, I can’t wait to start reading this, because it seems really fun!

11.) No True Echo by Gareth P. Jones: October 13, 2015

no true echo


Eddie thinks nothing ever happens in his small, boring town. Every day is exactly the same, down to what the bus driver will say when he picks each kid up in the morning. But then, one day, someone new, and very pretty, walks onto the bus. At least, Eddie thinks she’s new, but there is something oddly familiar about Scarlett. Intrigued (and smitten), Eddie starts to follow Scarlett—and what he discovers is odder still. Scarlett is a Senior Echo Time Agent from the future, come to his town to investigate the origin of time travel, which, unbeknownst to Eddie, was invented right in his hometown, by someone he knew. Soon Eddie is swept up in the investigation and in time. But time travel is a dangerous business, and Eddie will learn more than he wants to know about his long-dead mother.

This psychologically rich thriller redefines the time travel novel for a teen audience.

This sounds like something I would definitely buy! Lucky for me, I got a chance to read this for free. I haven’t read many novels about time travel, other than a bit of The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, so I’m excited to explore this genre with a novel that sounds as fabulous as that! Be sure to check out this novel when it releases!

12.) Darkthaw by Kate A. Boorman



For as long as Emmeline can remember, she’s longed to leave the isolated world of the settlement and explore the wilderness that calls to her in her dreams. And now that the Council has fallen, she will finally, finally get that chance. With First Peoples guide Matisa at her side, Emmeline rallies a brave group to join her on her quest into the unknown, including her beloved Kane and his two younger brothers.

But the journey soon proves far more dangerous than Emmeline anticipated—with warring clans, slavers, colonists, disease, and natural disasters seemingly at every turn. After putting so many lives in danger, she starts to doubt everything she once knew. Did she make the right choice to leave the settlement—and can her relationship with Kane survive the ordeal? Matisa insists that to set things right and to fight the evil that is bringing all this danger and turmoil to the forest, Emmeline must journey to Matisa’s people—even if that means leaving Kane behind.

This novel intrigued me right off the bat! I mean, it has romance, action, adventure, strong characters, and somewhat of a historical fiction aspect! How could I resist?

13.) The Kiss by Lucy Courtenay

the kiss


Aphrodite kissed a mortal once by the light of this moon, many thousands of years ago. It drove him crazy. The next person that he kissed – boum. The craziness travelled like this from person to person. It travelled through time. Everywhere – boum! Tu comprends?’
‘Where did it end up?’ I whisper. His lips are on my cheek now.
‘It ended with me. And now I am going to pass it to you. You will like that, mermaid?’

Imagine the perfect kiss. A legendary kiss that makes people crazy with love. Imagine a summer’s night, on a moonlit beach in the South of France, as French boy Laurent kisses 16-year-old Delilah after the best chat-up line she’s ever heard.
Delilah is pretty sure the Kiss is fiction, despite her head-spinning holiday fling. But with all the sudden crushes, break-ups and melt-downs happening back at home, the Kiss starts looking a little too real for comfort. If only Delilah could keep track of where it’s gone …
Who knew one kiss could cause this much trouble?
A hilarious rom-com that will delight Geek Girls everywhere!

I haven’t read much chick-lit before, but I couldn’t help but request this because of the “geek girl” part of the description. I’m a geek girl, many girls are geek girls, and geek girl life is awesome. Who wouldn’t want a book to celebrate another fellow geek? So, with that somewhat weird thought process in mind, I decided that I wanted to read this. Thankfully, I was accepted, and now I will be reading this hopefully awesome book and writing a hopefully awesome review!

14.) The Boy Genius Detective Agency by Robert Grey: Already Published (April 28, 2015)

boy genius


When happy-go-lucky Phidias Isaac Newman opens a detective agency in the sleepy Highland Falls ward of the Mégapolis he isn’t sure what to expect.

The Case of the Vanishing Bones? Sounds like a promising start.

Then, seemingly from nowhere, disaster strikes! Together with his partner, Agent Bubble Gum, the Boy Genius is plunged into the recovery of a mysterious (and deadly) stolen artifact–the Afterthought Resonator.

But then something wonderful happens.

Or does it?

Bubble Gum has always known the Boy Genius is ill mannered, uncouth and never listens to others. (Not that she keeps a list or anything.) But now she learns Phidias is harboring a dark secret.

Of forbidden knowledge that unlocks a terrible power… no one even suspected existed.

If you like adventure and excitement with just the right touch of romance this is one explosive ride you will not want to miss. Get your copy of The Boy Genius Detective Agency and let this thrilling tale of heroic adventure begin!

This sounds fun and gripping, two adjectives that I love when describing a book. Plus, although I hate assigning a gender to books, I have heard from many that a lot of teenage boys like this book. I thought it would be a good insight into the enigma that is the world of guys. I hope I enjoy it!

15.) High Witch Next Generation by Mona Hanna: September 10, 2015

the high witch


This series is a spin off to the High Witch Series.

Seventeen years have passed since Ariel and Hallie worked together to defeat Innes. The child High Witches Erica and Julia are now teenagers, facing their own challenges.

When Erica meets Gareth, she feels excited that she may have found her first love and wants to see him as much as possible. But a vision featuring Erica and the dreaded test darkens her world and leaves her wondering who the mysterious blond man from her vision is.

Gareth is falling for Erica, but he’s hiding a dark secret. If she knew, she would despise him forever. He hates deceiving her but feels trapped. He has to choose between saving his father or protecting the woman he’s falling in love with. He can’t bear to hurt either, but a dark stranger has other ideas.

Paranormal romances are a sweet spot to me. The only problem is that I haven’t read a paranormal romance novel that I deemed “great”. A lot of them didn’t feel quite right when reading, which usually leaves me a bit sad. I’m hoping this novel will help me fix my dilemma! So far it seems great, and I’ll let you know if it’s as good as I hope it is!

16.) The Last Days of Planet Earth Vol 1: Gods and Monsters by L. J. Hick: Already Published (December 12, 2013)

gods and monsters


Is Blake fed up with changing his name yet? Who woke Arthur from his nap? Does Victor really look like Barry from Eastenders? Does Volkane floss? Why is the Angel of Death snoring on a beach? Does Kerberos bite? Are Warlocks blue and who the **** is Starless? Find the answers to these questions and more in the literary series, The Last Days of Planet Earth. Gods and Monsters is the first book in the series. Like death, it is only the beginning. The Last Days of Planet Earth is an amusing and interesting re-working of history, myths and religious icons, with references to popular culture threading neatly throughout.

I am a huge fan of mythology, so this novel seems right up my alley. Plus, the humor is exactly my style! If any of you are fans of Percy Jackson or basically any of Rick Riordan’s works, I suggest you check this out!

17.) Lexicon Chase: Scrolls of the Harlequin by Jonathon Fore: October 5, 2015

scrolls of the harlequin


Lexicon Chase could feel the end of her rope slipping through her hands. From a broken home of very little means, Lexicon had learned to live without fashion, makeup, friends, or even a future. The bullies of her every day had taken her self worth, her dignity, her hopes, and her dreams, and the accusations they made began to ring with truth. Now that she was in high school, she had less, and no reason to even hold on. 

That was until her grandmother passed to her an heirloom and dark family secret. 

For forty-seven years, her grandmother ruled as queen of a fantasy kingdom. A kingdom full of pageantry and mystery, magic and fairies, a kingdom called Everhope. On the worst of all of Lexicon’s terrible days, her grandmother decides to step aside, and pass Everhope to Lexicon. 

Instantly, Everhope becomes Lexicon’s final refuge from the bullies of her real world. In Everhope, Lexicon is the princess. In Everhope, she is the unquestionable ruler. In Everhope, Lexicon can do as she wants, but more importantly escape the schoolyard predators. 

Also in Everhope, there hides an ancient evil eternally seeking its vengeance. 

The wonder Lexicon inherited has begun to change, and what should have been her escape now threatens her very life, and her new kingdom grows dark. But after all the years of torment at the hands of her bullies, Lexicon finally has a reason to stand up and fight, and that reason is Everhope.

This book sounds amazing, mainly because it seems really relatable. Almost every teen struggles with bullying, and it looks like this character really gets it. I hope that this will help all of us teens with overcoming our adversities. I look forward to reading this!

So, I have a lot of reading for you! I hope you enjoyed seeing the massive TBR pile I have. I’ll be posting reviews of each of these very soon! Until then, au revoir!


2 thoughts on “My ARC Book Haul!

  1. Amy Couttas says:

    After seeing the Suicide Squad trailer I have never been more excited for a comic adapted movie. I’ve been into comics but I’ve been thinking about reading the Suicide Squad comics. I’ll be keen to read what you think of it. Are You Still There sounds so good, I haven’t heard of it before now. I’ll definitely be adding that to me TBR. Who doesn’t like a good thriller! No True Echo also looks really good (plus that cover it awesome) and I love time travel books. I also love mythology so I’ll check out The Last Days on Planet Earth when it comes closer to the release date.
    You’ll be reading non stop for the next two months but at least you’ll be reading (what looks to be) awesome, captivating reads. I’m looking forward to reading what you think of them. Have fun reading 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ella Iparis says:

      Thanks! I’m really excited about reviewing these novels as well, and I’m glad that you liked some of them! I CAN’T WAIT FOR SUICIDE SQUAD. I mean, Jared Leto as the Joker is AMAZING!


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